Tuning Checklist


 1.) Wheel keys/lugnuts : First and foremost, we use a DynaPack Evolution 3000 model dynamometer. It is a user-definable load-bearing dyno. In the name of consistency, safety, and sensitivity, the DynaPack removes the drive wheels from the equation and bolts directly to your hubs. So, in order for us to dyno test your car, we must remove the two drive wheels, and attach our hub adapters to the DynaPack's 'pods.' What does this mean? If you have aftermarket wheels and use lugnuts that require a special removal key, BRING THE TOOL WITH YOU. If we cannot remove your wheels, we cannot dyno test/tune your car! VERY IMPORTANT. 

2.) Fluids : Before your scheduled appointment, be sure that all fluids are at their respective full levels, and in good condition. If it's been a while since your last oil change, you may want to consider changing it before you come for your tune. Coolant should be free of as much contaminants/corrosion as possible- a car that has a coolant system problem is no fun for power, AND the life of your engine. PLEASE make sure your coolant system is free of all airlocks before your appointment. Under fluids, let's talk about leaks. Please, please, PLEASE make sure the oil/coolant leaks are to an absolute MINIMUM before you arrive. Just as you wouldn't like us to 'leave our mark' in your territory, please, don't leak your fluids on our floor. 

3.) Check Engine Lights : Please make sure your car is not throwing any diagnostic codes. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but please call us for more details on what options you have. If you cannot track down and eliminate a code, let us know before your appointment, and we will make arrangements for more time (and labor) in order to solve the problem. 

4.) Injectors : Make sure the size of your injectors are capable of supporting the expected possible power level safely and efficiently. Also, make sure you are using injectors of the correct impedence. If your injectors require a resistor box, it should be in place. We can install a resistor box if need be for a small fee.

240cc = 175whp or less
310cc = 175whp - 250whp
440cc = 250whp - 300whp
550cc = 300whp - 375whp
750cc = 375whp - 420whp
880cc = 420whp - 520whp
1000cc = 520whp - 650whp

If you are planning on using an alternative fuel, such as E85, the fueling need is much higher. Give us a call, and we can explain this in more depth.

5.) Spark Plugs : Make sure you have an extra set of spark plugs in the proper heat range for your respective engine combination. If you do not choose to supply your own spark plugs for the tuning session, we stock most popular heat ranges, and will charge accordingly for them.

NGK BKR7E = #4644
NGK BKR8EIX = #2668 400+whp
NGK BRK9EIX = #2669 600+whp or higher compression boosted setups

6.) Wiring : Please sort out all wiring gremlins before your appointment. Again, there are exceptions to this rule, but please let us know beforehand, and we can schedule accordingly. 

7.) Exhaust : Keep exhaust leaks to a minimum. Well, more like to a non-existant. The wideband oxygen sensor we use is inserted into the exhaust stream via a standard oxygen sensor bung. For an accurate reading, the exhaust must not have any ambient air contaminating the reading. This leads us to the next thing on the list...

8.) O2 Sensor bung : The oxygen sensor used with the DynaPack Evolution 3000 has a physically large probe. The hole for the O2 sensor MUST be opened up completely to accept the sensor. Also, PLEASE make sure we can remove your factory O2 sensor. Many times, O2 sensors get seized in the bung and are a pain in the "bung" (LOL.) to remove. So, if we have to take more time and a great deal more effort to remove your O2 sensor, you will be charged accordingly.

9.) Gas : Tuning your car requires the car to be running. For a car to run, it needs fuel. Before arriving for your appointment, be sure to fill up. :) If you are planning on getting a race gas tune, please bring it with you. If you cannot source the fuel, please call at least one week ahead of time, and we can help track some down for you.

10.) Release Form : Before any work officially begins on your vehicle, you will be required to sign and date a release form.

11.) Show up on time! : Your time is valuable, as is ours. Please arrive on-time to your tuning appointment. If you are unable to make an appointment, please call ahead at least two business days beforehand, so we can make the necessary changes to the schedule. 

12.) Bring your camera : Why? Because dyno time is exciting.